A love of art can create new worlds for a child!

This young student began his artistic instruction at art/work/place during our January Give / Take event earlier this year.  Just 5 years old, he created this beautiful drawing in our Mini Makers class and decided to join us for weekly lessons.  

Derrick Lee Give_Take painting Mini Makers 2017 (1).jpg

He quickly showed promise and an enthusiasm for art.  With very little guidance, he was able to understand difficult concepts such as color gradients, and was able to depict this using materials that are advanced for such a young age.

His ability to draw complex objects was impressive for someone so young!  

He is now coming up on one year at art/work/place, and he has graduated from Mini Maker to our Youth Lesson class!  His skills are growing and his love of art shows in every piece he does.

Derrick Lee working 2017.jpg

Open up a new world for your child.  Give them the gift of art this holiday season.

One Class per Week: $125

Two Classes per Week: $225

Three Classes per Week: $337.50

Four Classes per Week: $425

Surprise someone special with the gift of creativity.

Have you ever discovered something new and unexpected, and found that it was more perfect for you than you would have ever dreamed?  For some of our students, they were given the gift of art and they uncovered hidden talents that they had no idea existed.  

One of our students, Kailey, was introduced to art/work/place through a gift certificate that her mother won.  Kailey joined us first for a month of free classes and found that, not only did she love making art, but she is very talented at it as well!

Kailey Woo 2017.JPG

One of the most rewarding things about providing artistic education to children is watching their joy when they show off their latest piece to their parents.  Such was the case when Kailey completed the beautiful succulent above.  It was hung on the gallery and she very proudly showed her dad when he arrived to pick her up.  Her dad was so impressed by the talent depicted that he was initially surprised that she completed it on her own, since she had never shown any artistic skill prior to taking lessons at art/work/place.  That surprise quickly was replaced by awe, as he took out his camera to memorialize this special moment in his daughter's life.

Kailey Woo observational drawing 2017 (1).jpg

Kailey continues to impress with every image she creates.  Her journey as a young artist has just started, and already she is ahead of the pack.  It'll only get better from here!


One Class per Week: $125

Two Classes per Week: $225

Three Classes per Week: $337.50

Four Classes per Week: $425

STUDY: Composition

This amazing painting was done for the STUDY: Composition lesson of our Curriculum.  

GOAL: Study how arranging line shape and color can control the way that a person looks at your artwork.

Mia, age 11

Mia, age 11


Static: lacking in movement, action, or change

Dynamic: characterized by constant change, activity or movement

Symmetrical Balance: balance made up of exactly similar parts facing each other

Asymmetrical Balance: balance achieved through similar masses and colors situated on either side of an axis

Asymmetry: lack of equality between parts