Our unique curriculum is the perfect foundation of art education.

Ongoing classes build the foundational skills of drawing and painting through structured lesson plans that teach technical and observational skills, introduce art history and build creativity. Students receive personalized instruction from academically trained artists as they progress at their own pace through lessons. 

Our youth curriculum, customizable for ages 9-18, is broken down into five sections. Each section represents an important aspect of fine art training. When students begin classes, they start a journey that not only builds skills, but also introduce possibilities. 

Study lessons are short repetitive exercises that introduce skills integral to art making. Most are completed in pencil, as drawing lays the best foundation for fine art.

Explore lessons introduce students to art history. Beginning with ancient culture and moving through time to the present day, students complete master copies or artwork inspired by different cultures or movements.

Create lessons are centered around the idea of putting learned skills into practice. Students take the skills learned in study and express them in compositions of their choice.

Observe lessons build skills of observation. Students set up a still life out of objects of their choice and are guided through the process of creating an artwork. They learn to edit the information in front of them in order to include only the elements necessary for a successful composition. 

Imagine lessons are where students are encouraged to explore their own creativity. The student guides all aspect of the artwork's creation; starting with choosing a subject then deciding on the medium and scope of the project.