Quality instructors make all the difference.

All of our instructors are academically trained, degreed, and active artists with a passion for teaching.


Gianina Nunez
instructor:Youth two

Gianina Nunez received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting at Cal State Long Beach. Gianina has had a passion for art ever since she was a child. Her warm kind and patient teaching style paired with her knowledge of various art mediums enable her to excel in her teaching. She specializes in figure drawing, painting, and mixed media. Gianina’s passion is sharing her talents with her students and helping them succeed in their artwork.


Sam Valdez
instructor:youth one

Sam completed her Masters in Sculpture and Art Administration in 2018. She shows regularly, predominately concentrating on mixed media in her own work. She is a kind, funny and patient teacher. She loves to challenge her students, but keeps things light with her approachable personality.


Katherine Rogers

Katherine is the art/work/place office administrator and special projects coordinator. Her warm, welcoming personality make her a perfect fit here! 


Amanda Ramsey

Amanda is a born and raised, small town, Virginia girl who lives to teach art to people of all ages! She graduated with a BA in Art Education and has been teaching for over 10 years. She has an eclectic vibe in her own artwork, and predominantly focuses on painting with lots of color in a whimsical, modern, style. Amanda is a very attentive, patient and encouraging instructor. She elicits stunning work from all of her students, regardless of previous experience. Her warm manner results in very happy students whose love of art is enhanced by Amanda's instruction.


Margaret Tonapetyan

Originally from a tight knit hardworking family in Michigan, Margaret went to school (BFA) in Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles to be with her husband. She was disappointed in the jobs that were available in her field, and so thinking of the words "Be the change you want to see in the world." She set out to create a sustainable career that would allow for her (and other artists) to make a living while leaving ample studio time to develop their own practice. That joined together with a desire to create a curriculum that would really honor the innate creativity in students, and the idea for art/work/place was born.