A love of art can create new worlds for a child!

This young student began his artistic instruction at art/work/place during our January Give / Take event earlier this year.  Just 5 years old, he created this beautiful drawing in our Mini Makers class and decided to join us for weekly lessons.  

Derrick Lee Give_Take painting Mini Makers 2017 (1).jpg

He quickly showed promise and an enthusiasm for art.  With very little guidance, he was able to understand difficult concepts such as color gradients, and was able to depict this using materials that are advanced for such a young age.

His ability to draw complex objects was impressive for someone so young!  

He is now coming up on one year at art/work/place, and he has graduated from Mini Maker to our Youth Lesson class!  His skills are growing and his love of art shows in every piece he does.

Derrick Lee working 2017.jpg

Open up a new world for your child.  Give them the gift of art this holiday season.

One Class per Week: $125

Two Classes per Week: $225

Three Classes per Week: $337.50

Four Classes per Week: $425