Help your child find their artistic voice at art/work/place.

Many artists struggle with finding their voice.  After the hard work of learning the fundamental skills necessary to create art, there is the added challenge of cultivating a style that is one's own, that one can use to express themselves to the world through their images.

This incredibly talented student has been at art/work/place for a couple of years now and has excelled in finding her own artistic language.  

Franny Knight portait 2017.jpg

She demonstrates strong skills in creating life-like imagery, and also adds her own energy to make those images part of a larger body of work that is all her own.

Piece by piece, she is building up a strong foundation that will be hers for a lifetime.

Franny Knight 2017 (1).jpg

Give your child the chance to find their own artistic voice.

One Class per Week: $125

Two Classes per Week: $225

Three Classes per Week: $337.50

Four Classes per Week: $425