One point perspective.

This student is busy painting beautiful clouds as part of her image for the STUDY: Perspective (One Point) lesson of our Curriculum.

IMG_3363 (1).jpg


Horizon line: a horizontal line that separates the ground from the sky also treated as the viewer/artist's eye level

Vanishing point: a theoretical point in the distance towards which receding parallel lines diminish

Othogonal lines: straight diagonal lines drawn to connect points around the edges of a picture to the vanishing point.  

Day 4 of our Visionary Cityscape Summer Art Intensive!

Our Visionary Cityscape Summer Art Intensive is well underway and the paintings look fantastic!  

Next up is our Making Minis Summer Art Intensive with Lucia Thome, which will begin next Monday, June 26 and will run until Friday, June 30.  There is still space available, so sign up now!