Day 1 of our Visionary Cityscape Summer Art Intensive!

We're setting up the studio for the first day of our Visionary Cityscape Summer Art Intensive!

Next up is our Making Minis Summer Art Intensive with Lucia Thome, which will begin next Monday, June 26 and will run until Friday, June 30.  There is still space available, so sign up now!

Drawing is practiced and perfected through our curriculum.

Each section of our curriculum is designed to teach our students an important aspect of art training, with drawing being a significant part of each lesson.

Work in progress.

Super excited about this acrylic painting in the making!  Check back later for the final piece!

Need an alternative to a weeklong Summer camp?

Enroll in our weekly classes instead!  

Some students may be too young for such a long camp, or maybe you'd rather have your kids home with you.  Either way, we have a solution for you.

In addition to our Summer Art Intensives, we will be continuing to offer our regular schedule of once-a-week classes.  Our classes are held from Tuesdays to Saturdays, with many class times available.  We also have a very flexible make up policy, so you can be assured that our schedule will always fit your schedule.

Enrollment is ongoing, so you can sign up anytime.

Mini Makers

Little ones can be artists, too!  And they should!

Arts education is so important for the development of the whole child, so we get them started early at art / work / place.    Children as young as 3 are able to create beautiful pieces of art.

Our Mini Makers class for ages 3 to 5 combines artistic instruction that introduces the Mini Makers to a variety of new materials along with a new book to be inspired by every week!

How do we keep them engaged for 90 minutes?  We tailor the projects to their specific interests, whether it is painting, building, or making collages, and we let them have fun!

Classes are available Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  Schedule an Introductory Lesson for your Mini Maker today!