Mini Makers

Little ones can be artists, too!  And they should!

Arts education is so important for the development of the whole child, so we get them started early at art / work / place.    Children as young as 3 are able to create beautiful pieces of art.

Our Mini Makers class for ages 3 to 5 combines artistic instruction that introduces the Mini Makers to a variety of new materials along with a new book to be inspired by every week!

How do we keep them engaged for 90 minutes?  We tailor the projects to their specific interests, whether it is painting, building, or making collages, and we let them have fun!

Classes are available Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  Schedule an Introductory Lesson for your Mini Maker today!

Have fun while you learn at one of our Summer Art Intensives!

As arts programs continue to be cut from schools, children may be losing out on the many benefits of arts education.  Creativity is known to be an important factor in success, and it’s a great idea to get kids started early.  Drawing and painting are particularly beneficial, and not only when it comes to making art.  It can also enhance your ability to later understand difficult concepts such as geography and math.  

Our Summer Art Intensives are a great opportunity for students to learn art in a special way, in a setting where they will be around like-minded peers who share their interests, and instructors who will give them the individual attention and care that they deserve.  

For parents, feel great about keeping your kids learning and working while they are out of school.  For kids, grab this chance to make new friends, boost your confidence, and have fun while you learn!