Thank you, Grandma Cheryl!

I had the pleasure of meeting Grandma Cheryl today when I stopped by her home to pick up the art supplies that she so generously donated to art/work/place!  What a wonderful lady!  

She provided us with an easel that will be of great use in the studio in addition to oil paints, canvasses and many other goodies that artists love.  We gifted a few of our students with some of the things that we received so that they can make some great art at home.  We can't wait to see what they come up with!

It just so happens that Miss Jenna's Large Canvas Painting Summer Art Intensive will begin on July 24, and Grandma Cheryl has made it possible for us to provide our campers with amazing 30x30 canvasses!  Thank you again, Grandma Cheryl!