What materials will my children learn to use at art/work/place?

Our unique Curriculum is the perfect foundation of art education.  Each student progresses at their own pace and is instructed individually, and each student receives the art education that is just right for them.

They'll learn to draw, paint, blend, shade, mix colors and all the other skills that are fundamentally important in creating beautiful art.  We'll teach them to use colored pencils, watercolor, how to blend with oil pastels, and how to mix acrylic paints to create amazing colors.  They'll get to try it all here, and with the freedom to choose their materials for their projects.




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To try art/work/place for yourself, schedule an Introductory Lesson!  Introductory Lessons may be scheduled during any of our available class times, subject to availability.

One point perspective.

This student is busy painting beautiful clouds as part of her image for the STUDY: Perspective (One Point) lesson of our Curriculum.

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Horizon line: a horizontal line that separates the ground from the sky also treated as the viewer/artist's eye level

Vanishing point: a theoretical point in the distance towards which receding parallel lines diminish

Othogonal lines: straight diagonal lines drawn to connect points around the edges of a picture to the vanishing point.