Give your child something nice and give someone else's child something great!

It's a beautiful thing when you can give your child something special while also giving back.  Our Give/Take Charity Event on Sunday, January 28 is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

For a $10 donation, your child can take a free Introductory Lesson in the art/work/place studio!  Your donation will go to benefit local education, so other children can receive the gift of your generosity!


Classes will run at:






Seats are filling up fast, so request your space today!

Fine Arts instruction found to have a positive effect on academic success.

A study done by Steven N. Kelly, Ph.D. has found that students who enroll in art lessons benefit in unexpected ways.  Continued participation in art classes was found to increase graduation rates as well as decrease dropout rates.

Unlike other academic pursuits, every student who participated in continued art classes received the same benefits, not just the talented students.  This positive by-product of taking art lessons shows up as higher math and verbal scores on the SAT, and positive social behavior.  According to Steven Kelly's study, there are few other areas in the typical academic curriculum that provides the same type of comprehensive overall growth and learning in the same way as taking regular art lessons.

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Join our Give/Take Event on Sunday, January 28 to begin your child's Fine Arts Instruction!

Register now for Spring's Give/Take Event

art/work/place is building an exciting hub of art education responding to the individual talents of each student and centered around a curriculum that teaches fundamentals while encouraging creativity.



To provide art education that uniquely exceeds any other arts program available. We champion the philosophy of "Work hard, Play hard" by providing students a strong foundation of fine art principles while encouraging their creativity.  

We pledge to deliver you a high quality experience that doesn't end with education but spans convenience, customer service, and community development.  


 Join us on Sunday, January 28 for a 60 minute introductory lesson for only $10 (normally $30) and all the proceeds go to local educational programs. Its a win-win!

Classes will run at:
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 pm
1:30 pm
3:00 pm

Submit the form below to request your space. We will follow up with a confirmation.  Questions? txt or call: 626.578.5626 or shoot us an email:

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Is your resolution for 2018 to bring more art into your child's life?

When deciding on New Year's resolutions, our minds typically go to the usual places - daily exercise, better diet, more sleep.  What if this year you decided to make your resolution to bring more art into your child's life?  

It's no secret that art is an important and valuable skill for children to learn, since it has been found to be an important factor in success.  It provides children with an unexpected and fun way to develop critical thinking and creative skills, skills which are necessary no matter what profession you choose.

For parents who have resolved to bring more art into their childrens' lives this year, check out this awesome article by Americans for the Arts on Ten Simple Ways for parents to bring more art into their kids' lives.

Number 11?  Take weekly lessons at art/work/place!

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Give them the gift of art!  

What child doesn't love Christmas?  The excitement of opening up a surprise, wrapped in ribbon, hoping that it's the one thing that you really, really wanted!  This year, make your child even happier on Christmas morning by giving them a gift that they can enjoy over and over again!

Give your child the gift of weekly art lessons at art/work/place.  They'll have fun every week and will gain something that will be theirs forever - artistic talent!

Get creative this weekend with this guide for mixing acrylic paints!

Learning how to mix acrylic paints is an important step in art education.  The color wheel is a great guide for any budding artist, and this pocket guide is very handy.

For more information on mixing acrylic paints, check out this great post by Golden.