Work in progress.

This drawing-in-progress is for our OBSERVE: 1 Object (Looking for color & texture) part of our Curriculum.  It's looking great so far!  Can't wait to see the final drawing!


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Warm and Cool gumball fun by our Mini Makers!

Our Mini Makers recently learned about the difference between Warm and Cool colors, and created these awesome gumball machines as a result!

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Learning fundamentals creates a strong foundation.

For any subject, learning fundamentals is a vital step.  Our Curriculum includes many Study lessons that are designed to introduce our students to skills that are integral to creating art.  Two examples are our STUDY: Line and STUDY: Color lessons, described below.



GOAL: Study how lines can be used to show the value and texture of a surface.


STUDY: COLOR (Color Wheel)

GOAL: Learn what primary colors are, how they can be mixed to make secondary and tertiary colors, and how black and white can be added to create tints, shades and tones.

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