“Working for the Weekend!”
Wednesday Workshops

$45/2 hours

June 12- Aug 7
Every Wednesday
2:30pm- 4:30pm

Take a mid week dip into the creative zone! These workshops intentionally allow students the freedom to experiment and design through the making process. We provide the prompt and materials, the student provides their imagination.

Ages 6+

June 18
Scratchboard illustrations

Explore the elements of color and brushstrokes through Scratchboard Illustrations. Learn to make your own through examples from the masters.

June 26
Picasso Portraits in clay

Create abstract/cubist style portraits, or simply explore the different abstract shapes that can be created with clay.

July 10
Magical forest paper pop-ups

Artists will learn composition, foreground/background and perspective through three-dimensional paper pop-ups.

July 17
texture and pattern in clay

Artists will explore a number of different techniques to create small bowls and dishes from Sculpey, and learn how to create textures and patterns in the clay.

July 24
scratchboard animal masks

Play with lines, patterns and colors to create these festive masks.

July 31
Exploration into printmaking

Artists will learn various different forms of printmaking, including scratch foam and collagraph printmaking. Explore the process of making multiples, and enjoy seeing how no 2 prints are alike. Print on various different backgrounds, make repetitive patterns, or change your plates around to create new pieces. We'll be learning about negative/positive space and how images are printed in reverse.

Aug 7
Sol Lewitt

We'll enter the world of conceptual art and explore what makes you an artist. We'll recreate some of Lewitt's wall drawings, and even create our own instructions for new pieces that the class can try. Focus on color, line, shape, geometric shapes, and more.

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Summer Art Intensives

extended care available.

June 10- Aug 9
Monday- Friday
9am- 2pm

From painting and print making to mini sculpture and everything in between. No experience necessary. We work individually with each student at their level to help them achieve their best work. Amazing instructors and a super fun environment.

10% multi-week discount.

Ages 6+

June 10-14
Mixed media paintings of another universe

Artists will use materials such as fabric, papers, collage, charcoal and paint to create a series that illustrates an imaginary universe.  The series will have at least three paintings representing the environment, inhabitants and city. We will go over concepts such as what a series is, and how to tie our paintings together. We will focus on artists such as Rauschenberg, Picasso and Chris Ofili.

June 17-21
Ceramic teapot monsters

The artists will use a low fire clay to design and create an original monster character. Each sculpture must include a handle, feet, spout and lid. We will address concepts such a hand-building techniques, glazing techniques and what utilitarian art is. We will focus on artists such as Ken Price, JoAnn Axford, and Mia Mulvey.

June 24-28

Artists will use modeling paste and acrylic paint to create textured landscape paintings. We will focus on the famous California landscape painters – Edgar Payne and Ralph Waterhouse. Artists will use different tools to create texture both before and after painting.

JuLY 8-12

Artists will use a gridding method to create animal chalk pastel portraits. The artists have the option of creating a drawing of their own pet, or their spirit animal. We will focus on techniques such as blending, mixing and color theory. 

JULY 15-19

Artists will analyze endangered insects, and create charcoal and watercolor paintings of large-scale insects in flight. We will focus on the terms scale and proportions, and what it means in drawing.

JuLY 22-26

The artists will create slab boxes for objects that are personal to them. What is your most prized possession? Why? We will review the hand-building techniques learned in the previous project and focus on the score and slip method in slab construction.

JuLY 29-AUG 2

The artists will create a life-size self-portrait that symbolically represents them. What makes you, you? We will go between drawing realistic figures as well as how to symbolically represent ourselves.

AUG 5-9

The artists will learn how to sculpturally build with wire and foil to create a skeleton for a 3D animal head. 

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