A quick reference of all the classes we currently offer.


Schedule of Classes

A quick reference of all the classes we offer. Scroll to see more dates. Click to see available seats.

Summer Art Intensives & Crafty Morning Mixes

Our afternoon classes run year round, but during the summer we add in workshops during the day. This year, in addition to our Summer Art Intensive workshops, we are offering Crafty Morning Mixes; early morning crafting sessions with new projects each week.

Check out our early bird discounts on summer enrollment, good till February 28. 

Introductory Lesson

We work one-on-one with each student as they progress through the curriculum at their own pace. This means you can choose from any of our class times for children aged 7- 18. 

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Youth Lessons / age 7-18

A comprehensive survey of fine art principles, art history, and creative exercises. All lessons are customized to the ability and interests of the student.

Mini Makers / Age 3- 6

A journey into the joys of making. For this 90 minute class, children are introduced to a range of materials and techniques with a new theme every week, complete with related art stories. 

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Parties / All Ages

Each guest goes home with a unique acrylic canvas painting. Available Saturday evenings and Sundays all day. 

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